Monat Renew Shampoo And Revive Conditioner

Monat is a hair health company that has distributed hair care products through independent distributors and online since only 2014. They offer science supported, naturally based formulas for the purest hair health care experience. I found this new company accidentally by making a new friend via social media, a pioneering Monat representative. She also began as a consumer, a VIP Monat customer, who was in search of a superior shampoo.

As my Pure & Natural Dollar Tree shampoo and conditioner ran low, I knew I wanted to find a luxurious new, natural brand to compliment my untreated hair. As a new mom you realize all the beauty treatments you forfeit after having children due to time, money and safety. I have little time for manicures and pedicures, don’t tan (naturally or artificially) and try to keep all my household and personal care to a chemical minimum. I want to feel pretty!

I didn’t know what to expect trying Monat for the first time. I didn’t do any prior research, I just wanted to feel the product for myself. As instructed I shampood twice with Monat’s Renew Shampoo, once to remove residue and another to benefit from Monat’s formula. The smell was pleasant and rich, like grapefruit. I felt the clean, if you can believe that. Shampoos I have used in the past feel like they are adding something to my hair, rather than removing and cleaning. This shampoo felt like it had actually cleaned my locks without stripping and damaging them, the “squeaky” clean they tell you to feel for. After putting the Monat Revive Conditioner in my hair I was able to easily comb and remove loose hair with my shower comb, something I’m not usually able to do. The instructions guided me to leave the conditioner in for 10 minutes, so I shaved my legs and cleaned my body while it conditioned. The scent matched the Renew Shampoo.

A great scent is a huge money-maker (like how Aussie and Herbal Essences capitalize on), but that’s not enough for me. I need to know the ingredients, see and feel it’s superiority. I was so surprised by the results I discovered from only one shampoo and condition by Monat. You remember the totally convincing infomercial by Wen? It was just like that! I air dried and brushed my hair and no exaggeration, my hair laid and volumized just as it did the last time I bought a 20.00 blow out at Supercuts.

Now having proven itself special, I had to dive in deeper to find out what made this product different from others readily available at the super market. Monat’s website provided full disclosure on their ingredients and sciences, which I appreciated and found convincing. In short, Monat’s science explains how this product provides the ideal environment for hair growth causing less hair loss and aging, and facilitates better regrowth. It mimics your body’s natural oils and protects your hair from environmental damage by the product’s ability to absorb the negative UV rays, something I find especially appealing as a dessert dweller.

Based on my experience with it and considering it’s cost at almost 4.50 per ounce (10 times the cost of other “natural” brands), I recommend it to people looking for luxurious and safe hair treatments on natural, color treated or vulnerable hair types. Even using it sparingly, which you’ll easily be able to do according to reviews, will offset your cost. Research I did on similar quality products came to about the same.

Why Get A Play Store Gift Card Online

Every avid gamer, book lover and moviegoer who use smartphones running on Android definitely love the Play Store. This has all what an android user desires – from games, apps, books, music to movies! Google has ensured that Android users get easy access to apps, games, e-books and movies in one definitive online shop.

Although this is abundantly available and accessible in different countries, all of these pale in comparison to the American version which boasts of the widest number of downloadable content, both free and premium. On top of that, premium content is often considerably cheaper compared to content in other countries. The team behind this are making the necessary steps in order to offer everyone the same experience when it comes to downloading content.

Does that mean that you should simply forgo these games, apps, books and movies? There is one easy and simple workaround for this dilemma: buy a Play Store Gift Card. If you live in other countries that contain certain restrictions in premium content, you can download the books, apps, games, TV show, movies and magazines that you desire. As long as you have play cards, you can access every content in all formats available, no matter where you live.

Most of these cards are available in different brick-and-mortar shops. But how can you buy gift cards if your country does not allow you to? Your best option would be to buy from different authorized online sources. There are sites offering products like this which are pretty straightforward and offering convenient payment methods. Buying these gift cards online has a few benefits and would definitely bring out the techie side of you. For one, you will be able to buy content from the Play Store at considerably lower prices which translates to cost savings on your part. Second, if you purchase from a reputable online seller, you are assured that your purchase is secure. On top of that, you need not worry about your personal and payment information being stolen because these important details are not stored at the servers of the online merchant.

These gift or game cards are delivered electronically via email and without any difficulty. This means that after completing your purchase, you will be able to receive it and begin buying and downloading content from the Play Store, as long as you still have remaining credits. Redemption is hassle-free. You can redeem your gift card either on a desktop computer or from the app on your mobile device. Plus, the gift card has no expiry date which means that you can use it anytime that is convenient to you.

Tips For Stretching The Use Of Your iTunes Gift Cards

If you love shopping on the Apple App Store or on the iTunes Store, you will certainly love receiving an iTunes gift card as a present. And even if you don’t receive this item as a gift, there are various online shops where you can get this particular type of electronic card easily. There are also different payment methods and amounts or denominations available for you choose to from so you can buy the best one that suits your budget and requirements.

Once you get your iTunes gift card, you can certainly shop to your heart’s content. You can download all the apps, songs or albums, TV shows, and movies you want on your Apple device. You will easily be tempted to max out this card on all these items. However, you can still stretch the use of or amount loaded in your iTunes gift card. How? Follow the tips below:

Buy affordable or discounted iTunes gift cards. You will certainly save money and get the most out of your iTunes gift card if you buy one that comes at a discounted rate. This will be especially helpful if you plan on spending a lot on iTunes or the App Store. Find out which online stores or supplier sell iTunes gift cards for less than the actual face value. There are also some sites that buy this type of electronic card from people who don’t want them and re-sell them to buyers for a discount.

Go for the free items first. If you really want to stretch the spending power of your iTunes gift card, find and download all the free stuff first. You can download most of the most popular apps anyway such as games, basic office-related ones, and the apps you can use for editing and sharing photos. You can also use the Top Free chart in the App Store to find out which games and apps can be downloaded for free. There are also blogs and websites which share information on which songs are available for literally nothing on iTunes.

Look for and make use of available deals. Lastly, do some research to find out how you can save money when downloading some items from the App or iTunes store. Certain websites track and share deals and coupon codes you can use for some apps. Other websites or blogs also share details on which movies have recently seen a price drop on iTunes.

The Evolution of Cereal Packaging

The competition in the business world is increasing every day. In fact, cereal products are not left alone. Cereals are consumed by both young and old. In fact, children are not left out in the group of people who cherish the product dearly. There is different brand of cereal products in the market today and each one of them is fighting for the number one spot. In fact, there is a great evolution in the way cereal products are being packaged. The product’s packaging is highly different from the way it use to be some years ago. More features are currently added to the cereal packaging boxes for businesses to achieve their objectives.

There has been a tremendous change in cereal packaging boxes. In terms of color, material, shape, style and design, these boxes are now different from what they use to be. Let’s find out how much these boxes have evolved.

Printing technology

Cereal packaging boxes have evolved completely in terms of their printing techniques. Leading packaging companies now make use of high quality and modern technology to deliver exceptional printing for these boxes. The idea of using high-quality printing technique is to make the packaging boxes more attractive and to enhance the business reputation. In fact, many companies who end up producing the right packaging boxes for their cereal brand usually achieve their sales goals without much stress. These boxes are also printed with digital and offset technology, which are the latest technology for printing high-end boxes.

Eco-friendly material

When it comes to choosing materials for manufacturing packaging boxes, the focus of manufacturers, consumers, and even the government has been shifted to Eco-friendly materials. Everyone is looking for how to safeguard the environment from hazards that may threaten human existence. However, consumers prefer these boxes that are customized with Eco-friendly, reusable and biodegradable materials that they can easily dispose of.

Color technology

These boxes are currently brighter than they use to be. These boxes are created with high quality and modern color technology. This is why these boxes nowadays, look irresistible, because of the quality of the high color technology in use. Most companies combine two or more colors to enhance the visibility of their products. High-quality colors are used on these boxes to delight consumers. The competition among cereal manufacturers is high. This is why cereal manufacturing companies, make use of high quality and attractive colors to entice consumers to their brand.

In order to create attractive and irresistible boxes for their products, leading packaging companies make use of modern color technology such as CMYK and PMS technology. In fact, this color technology also offers a different range of colors for manufacturers to choose the type of colors they want for their packaging boxes. The market is currently flooded with different types of cereal packaging boxes with artistic packaging. However, many of these boxes are customized with bright colors to attract consumers to a particular brand.


Cereal packaging boxes are also made with high-quality finishing technology. In fact, leading manufacturing companies make use of special finishing techniques to enhance the durability, quality, and attractiveness of these boxes. Technology has greatly impacted the way cereal packaging boxes are printed. These days, we now have packaging boxes that can help to enhance business reputation. However, the different finishing options are glossy, embossing, de-bossing, spot UV, silver, and gold foiling. Cereal packaging boxes have also gotten smoother and more 3-d than they use to be.

However, with the availability of different finishing options, manufacturers are left to choose the type of finishing they want. This has also contributed to the creation of unique packaging boxes for each product, as manufacturers strive to provide the best for their products.

Thickness of material

The preference of consumers has drastically changed in recent years. People don’t just buy products because of the product itself, but they pay much attention to the product’s packaging style. In addition, consumers prefer to have cereal products that can retain its original taste and quality for a long time. That’s why quality boxes are mostly used for packaging these products. People prefer cereal products that are fresh. In fact, some products may not be able to satisfy the consumer’s taste because they have been exposed to moisture or heat due to poor packaging. Well, that’s in the past because most packaging companies now make use of quality materials that will ensure that the product stays fresh for long.

Materials used in creating these boxes also come in different degree of thickness. These materials can be in the range of 280 to 550 GSM. It all depends on what the manufacturer of the cereal product wants. In all, quality materials and proper thickness of materials are used to create these unique packaging boxes.

The reasons for the evolution of cereal packaging

1. Technology

If you go through the various processes on how these boxes have evolved, you will see that technology is one of the major contributors. Different technologies are employed by packaging companies to produce high-end packaging boxes. For instance, digital and offset printing technology, CMYK, and PMS color technology, as well as superb finishing options, are currently used to create high-end boxes for cereal products.

2. Increased competition

The competition in the cereal business is increasing every time. In order to ace the competition, cereal manufacturers use high quality and unique packaging boxes to deliver their products. However, these boxes are customized with attractive colors and design to enable the specific brand to stand out from the competition.

3. Marketing

Cereal packaging boxes are not just packaging boxes but excellent marketing tools. These boxes are customized with attractive colors, brand logo, and other relevant information about the company to increase customer base. Instead of spending a huge amount of money on marketing, cereal manufacturing companies, make use of these boxes to reach out to potential customers.

4. Sales

Companies also use these cereal packaging boxes to achieve their sales target. For this purpose, the box is customized with attractive colors and unique design to attract potential buyers. For children, attractive images such as cartoon characters, superheroes, and puzzles are printed on these boxes.

Well, the evolution of cereal packaging boxes has affected a lot of businesses positively. Most cereal producers take advantage of these high-end boxes to achieve their sales target and enhance their business reputation.

Why The Cost Of Raincoat Is So Important

Raincoats are very practical items during the wet weather. They are particularly convenient because they do not a free hand to hold them in place as it is the case when handling an umbrella. You simply slip them on and you are ready to go. Most of the raincoats come in collapsible designs in that you can fold them up into a tiny, easy to carry bag only folding them out when you need to keep yourself dry.

Raincoats can be found easily and cheaply from the market and stores both brick and mortar and online stores. It is also very possible to find the cheap raincoats directly from raincoat manufacturer or raincoat supplier. The affordable raincoats come with a number of advantages, whether you are buying them wholesale or retail. Here are some of the advantages you stand to enjoy when you choose cheap raincoats.

1. They are affordable to buy even when getting them in bulk. If you are a retailer wishing to buy raincoats for your business, you will have an easy time placing your order and getting it delivered at very friendly prices. With most going for under a dollar, you can order as many raincoats as your business needs and not feel financially pressed.

2. They are affordable to all. As a retailer, you will have no problem selling the low cost raincoats. The low prices make them affordable to all hence you do not have a particular class you are targeting when you sell the raincoats. They offer the functionality and affordability everyone looks for in a product.

3. Low Cost raincoats come in handy with sudden downpours. People have a tendency of keeping up with the weather reports. However it is not always given that the weather reports will be accurate and hence there are chances you might be caught in an unexpected downpour. When people are caught unawares, they will be looking for the most affordable solutions and the affordable raincoats make the deal for them. Nobody wants to part with a large amount of money they did not plan for hence the cheap gear to offer instant fix for the situation make the best choice.

4. They are equally affordable to ship. This is in the sense that as a retailer you can order as many raincoats as possible in one batch reducing your order frequency which in turn translates into reduced shipping costs.

5. They are available in a wide range. Just like premium raincoats, Low cost raincoats are also designed in different colors, styles and sizes, hence you can choose one that serves your needs and appeals to your personal preferences. The fact that you are getting a temporary fix from the rain does not mean that you have to look unfashionable. The low cost raincoats are actually very stylish and will keep up to your personal style standards even though for a period of time. A good supplier will also allow you to order in different colors, sizes and styles in one order so you meet the demands of your clientele as a retailer.

Pre-disposable raincoats are Low cost with some going for as low as $0.20/pc. You however, should make your purchase from a reputable raincoat manufacturer to get good value even with the cheapest options.